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Website Hosting in Turkmenistan

Website Hosting in Turkmenistan

Shared hosting in Turkmenistan

Prices for hosting – hosting sites in Turkmenistan – 1 year!
Free Domain Name in .ru zone. If the Domain is in the International Zone, then the cost of the Hosting is + 700 manat.
1,760.00 TMT
One domain – One database – WordPress. Great for Business Card Sites
2160.00 TMT
domain, 2-3 databases, CMS – the most popular!
2,460.00 TMT
domain, 6 databases, platform choice, designers, GMS
What is Shared Hosting in Turkmenistan?
Shared hosting is a service for placing sites on the Internet.
The client gets access to disk space and other server resources, where he can store various text, graphic and multimedia files of his site, blog and other projects.
Shared hosting involves hosting multiple sites on a single server, where all users share the server’s shared resources.
All sites on shared hosting are hosted on powerful servers on which all the necessary modules and software are installed.
Work with the service is carried out through the control panel and does not require administrative skills.
Upstairs are the hosting hosting plans for hosting your sites.

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